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August 18th

Hello world!!  Happy Birthday To Me!!!  If you can believe it, I am now 1 year old.  And what a year it has been.  I have been to Cannon Beach, Orcas Island, Yakima, and even a Mariner's game.  I have gone on long walks, hikes and strolls around the block.  I have met so many people - family and friends - and know that I am truly blessed to have so many special people in my life.  I have gone from lying around all the time to running with glee.  From thinking that my toes were the best toy to knowing that the best toy is whatever I am not supposed to play with.  I can go to sleep on my own, sleep all night, and even be cheerful in the morning...yep, I gotta say it...I am a morning person.  From here on out...the adventure will continue and life will only get better.  Happy Birthday To Me.


July 21st

I am almost one year old.  So much is happening!!!!  I have three teeth, I am walking all on my own (max so far is 40 steps - then I ran out of room), and I am having soooo much fun.  I am even starting to talk (and have people understand me), though pointing seems to work pretty well to get the major points across.


Food wise, I am pretty much eating everything now.  I don't really like baby food, instead I want what Mommy and Daddy are having.  Chicken, vegetables, fruit, name it...I'll eat it.


Fun things I have been doing include: Wading in my pool outside, going on the Carousel and riding a horse all by myself (with Mommy next to me), going hiking in the backpack, and much more.  It is a whole big world out there, and I am going to experience it!!! 


Well, that is all for now...catch you next month.


June 18th

Hello world!!!  I am 10 months old today.  It seems like every month there are major milestones.  Will it be like this the rest of my life?


I can crawl with my tummy off the floor.  I have two (yes - more than one) teeth. I can pull myself up to a standing position and then let go and maintain my balance (very important).  I can walk holding onto just one support hand and sometimes I let go and can walk five or six steps on my own.  I eat real food and mash it up with my own gums.


This month I went to Orcas Island for the weekend and rode on a ferry boat - it is windy when one is outside on the ferry boat.  I also went to Yakima to see Grandma and Grandpa.  There we went hiking in the Arboretum and also on the Greenbelt trail.  We even went to see some Indian rock paintings.  Who know what we will do next month.


Well...I think that about does it for now.  I love you all.  Hope you are having a good summer.


May 23rd

I have been busy!!!  I have learned to crawl (or at least my version of crawling that doesn't require getting the tummy off the floor).  I have even tried to jump/fly - but that didn't work so well.  The hardwood floors hurt my head!!  But that cat went off the end of the bed and I HAD to follow.  But...that is in the past. 


Even better than crawling, I love to walk.  Mommy and Daddy hold onto my hands, but I got the foot part down.  I can even let go of one of their hands and still stay upright.  I am even starting to climb objects to stand on my own...but Mommy tries to make sure that I don't then fall on my own.  I can even go from my tummy to sitting up and playing with my toys.  Mommy and Daddy think that soon I will be walking on my own.  Look out world...Here I come.


I have been eating finger foods since I now have that "pincer-grasp" thing down.  Puffs, cheerios, is all mine (except for what I drop on the floor for Bach to get).  I even eat some real people food like chicken, egg yolks, and vegetables.  Mommy is trying to make sure that I am a well-rounded individual with regard to food (not my tummy - silly). 


Today, my first tooth broke through.  Maybe I am late on the tooth, but I am sort of early on the other stuff so it balances out ok.  Soon though, I will be eating steak!!!!  Mmmmmmmm.


Well, that is all for now.  Love you all.


February 18th

What a half year it has been.  So much has happened in the last seven months that I hardly know where to begin.  The first major event of course was my birth.  That was a significant undertaking on my part, let me tell you.  Then, I needed to train Mommy and Daddy to cater to my every whim.  This is still a work in progress, but I have high hopes that it will be successful. 

In the first few months of my life, not much really happened.  However, at about five months life began to take off.  I began to eat solid food, I started sitting up on my own, and I learned how to roll off of my tummy – Mommy liked tummy time, but not me!!!  OK, maybe this didn’t all happened at five months, but that is when people finally noticed that I could do it ALL. 

At six months, I could roll over and over and over on my own and even sit up unsupported.  When Mommy and some friends and I went to the Oregon coast, I even had an old tyme photo taken of me and my friend Penny as we sat in frilly dresses and hats.  That was an experience for the photographer – we didn’t exactly cooperate very well.  I wanted Penny’s hat and she wanted to clap and take my dress.  

Now I am seven months old and I am trying to crawl.  I got the up part down, just not the forward part.  Wish me luck as I continue my endeavors to be mobile.  No teeth yet, but I am working on that too.

January 5th

Well I am a whole year older now - not really.  It is just that now it is 2005 and I was born in 2004.  See the logic?  The weather outside is very cold, but sunny.  Mommy and Bach and I have gone out every day and walked for a bit.  I know that when it rains Mommy doesn't like to take me out 'cause I get wet.  So we had better go out while it is nice.  Christmas was good.  We had Christmas Eve with Great Grandpa Bill and then went over to Yakima for Christmas Day.  I am glad that we got to spend Christmas with Great Grandpa as he got sick and passed away on New Years Eve.  I know that I only got to spend four months with him...but I am glad that I got to meet him and have him be a part of my life.  I think that my New Year's resolution is to be happy and healthy and the best little "Peanut" I can be.  Happy New Year to you!


December 21st

I got news this time!!!  Mommy is going to be a stay at home mom and take care of me for the next year.  She and Daddy decided that it would be in my best interest to have a stay-at-home environment where I come first - not where the care-givers time is split four ways.  This was the best Christmas present ever.  Speaking of Christmas...we are going over to Great Grandpas on Christmas Eve and then Yakima on Christmas Day.  It will be pretty busy, but at least we will get to see everyone for the holidays.  I am looking forward to after the first of the year when things are supposed to settle down.  But we will see.  Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  See you next year.


December 6th

Sorry that I haven't written in a while, but things got really busy.  I was learning how to do craft shows.  Mommy and Grandma did the Christmas in Seattle show at the end of November and they just finished the Victorian Country Christmas show.  They had such pretty display racks that Grandpa Chuck made and Grandma's blankets were so soft and lots of people bought them (some for themselves and some for others).  You can see more of the blankets at  We also had Thanksgiving over at Great-Grandpas.  All of my Great Aunts were there and Grandma Shri.  I found my voice and contributed to many of the conversations.  Finally, I met Santa Claus.  I know he was not the real Santa Claus, he is still in the North Pole making toys for good little boys and girls like me.  This Santa was really nice though and had a nice fluffy beard.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  You can see our picture on the four month page.  Mommy has started wearing her Santa hat when we go for walks.  She looks so silly with the ball thing hanging over her ear.  I just can't stop giggling at her.  Soon I will be going to the doctor for my 4 month check up - I am getting so old.  Make your guess now as to how much I weigh.  Mommy will post the answers soon.  Well that is all for now, I am getting hungry for my lunch.  Love you.  Bye.


November 18th

Three months old and doing good.  I am sleeping most of the night now - 7 or 8 hours.  Every once in awhile I need a "top-off" in the middle of the night - but Mommy is getting really good at sleep feeding.  Hopefully she doesn't learn how to sleep-walk at the same time.  Mommy is helping to get me ready for the holidays.  We are singing Christmas songs and planning our Christmas shopping expeditions.  It is hard work to shop - lots of walking for Mommy.  Me...I just look at the world go by.  I have discovered that I have hands.  I like to look at them, and lick them, and stick them all in my mouth at the same time.  Mommy is trying to discourage me from doing the same to my nose.  Oh well...I am sure that I will understand why later.  Mommy and Daddy are so funny.  They make me laugh and giggle.  It is so much fun to make funny faces at each other and laugh.  Well, that is about all for now.  I want to take a nap.  Bye-Bye.


November 10th

Can you believe it?  I am 12 weeks old today.  I am getting big and am starting to do things.  Today, Mommy was sending some e-mails and I helped by hitting the space bar again and again.  I was even laughing while I did it (for some reason Mommy wasn't laughing as much).  Mommy and I play the smiley face game all the time.  I smile and she smiles and we do that for a long time.  During the day I try and spend some time on my tummy and do my neck exercises.  I also encourage Mommy to take Bach and I for a walk (when it isn't raining - small problem with the weather around here).  The leaves are so pretty - especially the ones in the back yard.  Good thing I am not quite big enough to start raking.  However, Mommy keeps saying things about future chores.  I just pretend I don't understand what she is saying and I smile at her.  Oh well.  That's all for now.  More again later.


October 25th

Two months old and doing great.  Life is good.  I can eat whenever I want to, people drop everything to cater to my every whim, and I don't even have to do any chores around the house.  I have been going for walks with Mommy and Bach during these wonderful fall days.  Mommy bundles me up so I don't get too cold.  We had a party a couple of days ago so that I could meet all of Mommy's and Daddy's friends.  Everybody kept commenting on how good I was - I didn't cry or fuss until everyone was home.  Then, since I didn't eat in front of the guests, I ate all night.  Wasn't that thoughtful of me?  I am special that way.  I can't wait until I can start crawling.  I think that I will have so much fun.  There are so many things that I see, but I can't seem to convince Mommy to get them for me.  When I am mobile, I will get them for myself.  Well that is about all for now.  Talk to you again soon.  Bye.


October 11th

I can't believe that I am almost 8 weeks old.  Two more days to go.  Then, next week for my two-month check-up at the doctor I have to get my shots.  I am not looking forward to it...but Mommy and Daddy will be there with me.  Last weekend Mommy, Bach and I went to Yakima to visit Grandma Lee and Grandpa Chuck.  It was a lot of fun.  I don't remember the car ride very much as I sleep in the car.  Mommy wishes that she could take a nap too, but someone has to drive!!!  I am getting so big...I must weigh eleventy-seven pounds by now.  I just know that I am starting to wear 3-6 month clothes as the 0-3 month ones are getting a bit snug in the length.  They fit me around, but I can't stretch out my feet and arms without running out of room.  Can you believe it?  Mommy, Bach and I have been taking walks together in the afternoons.  The trees are turning such pretty colors and it isn't too cold.  Mommy isn't taking any chances though.  She must bring 12 extra blankets with her.  Thankfully now I am big enough to wear the coat the Auntie Kari got me so maybe I can leave the blankets at home.  That's all for now.  OK, I love you, Bye-Bye.


September 29th

Today I am 6 weeks old and I am doing well.  I like holding my head up and looking around when Mommy and Daddy hold me on their shoulders.  When I do "tummy-time", I try to get my hands and knees coordinated enough to crawl, but I am still having a bit of trouble putting it all together.  Soon though, I will be cruising around the house.  Mommy and I (and Bach) take walks almost everyday outside.  Mommy is getting her strength back and we are able to go for longer distances.  Sometimes though, I get hungry in the middle of the walk and we need to come home a little sooner.  We have also become better at coordinating our time to go places and run errands.  Now it only takes an hour or two to get ready to leave the house.  Much progress has been made.  Well, that about does it for today.  Since Mommy was updating the website with some pictures and I wanted to add some comments.  More to follow later.  Love you.